Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing


Technology is taking over each and every industry with entirety in the same way as it is permeating in our day-to-day lives. Digital Marketing industry caught the pulse of this change long back and initiated to adapt the change. The latest bead in this collar of rapid change is Artificial Intelligence (AI).

The technologies we are using in our daily lives are incorporating Artificial Intelligence to a colossal extent, from the voice-powered personal assistants such as Google AI, Siri, Alexa to Tesla’s self-driving vehicles. Each of these analyzing the stats around us, such as how we live or work, what are our means of entertainment, through behavioral algorithms and suggestive searches. So far as a result of this they have also managed to represent impressive predictive capabilities, especially through social media.

In Sundar Pichai’s words, “Machine learning and artificial intelligence are unlocking capabilities that were unthinkable only a few years ago.”

Having market knowledge and expertise is the vital corporate resource for strategic decision making, which later helps in better market functions. AI is an emerging system, developing its system each day to make better connections and draw meanings with the help of algorithms, in other words, we can say that it is getting more aware and smarter which is helping it in expanding its capabilities and its knowledge.

The companies like Facebook, Apple, Google, and Tesla are rolling out revolutionary changes and updates on how humans are interacting with machines learning technology, which is in present and also in long run are helpful for each kind of businesses, irrespective of their sizes and kind. Many of us are still in oblivion when it comes to AI, how it is been used in businesses? What kind of effect will it have in our future? What will be the face of this technology later? Apart from the depictions of AI in the HBO, Netflix series like Ex Machina, Black Mirror and more, in front of which the existing AI technology looks like an infant. You can say that we are still in the learning phase of the Digital Age.

  • Relationship of Artificial Intelligence and Digital Marketing

With the change in time and technologies, marketers have gained the confidence in AI and its capabilities and have started to incorporate the technology into their strategies. This can be credited to the decline in the ambiguity of results.

In the recent times AI has successfully registered its presence with the introduction of the processes like big data, Internet of Things (IoT), Machine Learning and more. The success of AI lies in the expansion of these components and it will also help AI unleashing its full potential.

Although the available and the prospect of AI is only in the fetus stage, it’s not hard to say that the coming time will be pioneering for AI and it can provide a tremendous boost to the Digital Marketing.

  • Areas Where AI Can Boost Digital Marketing

By personalizing user experience in a better way: Customer is the king for any business, thus customer satisfaction becomes a mandate for businesses and for marketer content is the most important thing, by aligning their content marketing strategy with AI, marketers can achieve groundbreaking results. For instance, Marketers can customize their content campaigns based on the collected data like customer searches, buying behaviour, inclinations and interests; and the advantage here will be that this will be done for each potential customer individually, which will help in providing more personalized touch.

One such example of enhanced user experience is Chatbots, which is programmed to interact with the customer by drawing conclusions based on the data received.

One another aspect of the AI which has the potential to provide better customer satisfaction is Augmented Reality (AR). AR can provide the customer with the option of seeing and feeling the production before the online purchase, one example of this technology of course on its initial stage is Lenskart’s 3D trial, which allows customers to try the frame they are interested in buying through their webcams sitting at home. Incorporation of such technology can definitely stimulate better and faster response from the customer which ultimately will reflect in the revenues.

Predictive Marketing: Social media plays a vital role in gathering more personal information about the potential customer, which in makes it easy for marketers to have a focused campaign. With each click whenever a user is browsing the internet, new data is being generated and compiled for the AI analysis. This data is valuable for the marketer to optimize the information and provide the most relevant information.

This optimization of the information lessens the sales-cycle and by providing such predictive campaigns also reduces the customers’ research on a product, further helping them in quick decision making and marketers can continue to analyze their prospects through the collected data and turn them into customers. There are high chances that the current tools like SEO will be challenged by these AI-enabled algorithms in the future.

Transformation of social media marketing through AI and Image Recognition (IR): The last one decade has seen a drastic change in the world of technology, as camera reached to everyone’s pocket through mobiles and the rise of smartphones enabled the prospects to log into their social media accounts with a desktop device. This helped them to engage on social media platforms on a more frequent basis through these handheld devices which are also being used to click pictures. While social media saw the initial rise in the text-based social media platforms like Twitter but the expansion of technology helped to ascend the image-based social media networks like Instagram and Snapchat. According to the 2016 Internet Trends, from Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers website, the world population together shares 3.25 billion photos per day.

The use of visuals in the marketing content increased, according to a report from Social Media Examiner, which says that 74% of companies are using marketing content with visuals while indulging in social media marketing.

As of now, marketers have not been successful in detecting the data provided in the photos shared on social media, which have high volume information about the customers’ behaviors, wants and needs. Probably because the current data collection heavily depends on the keyword searches in the text, which is only possible is the image posted on social media has a relevant caption on it. This is where we need the AI and IR, which will help marketers to find visuals on social media, even if they are not accompanied by the relevant caption. Even Google allows the user to conduct an image-based search like if they have a picture of something and they are looking for information on it, they put that image in Google’s search engine and look at the results.  So, if the potential customer is looking for the platform to buy a product which is have not information about other than the image, marketers can pick that visual data up and direct the customer to their site.

Another use of the IR can help the marketers to make productive analysis for their future investments and IR across social media can provide huge benefits to the companies when it is about customer service. IR can help marketers in identifying best places to invest as through the analysis of the images shared on social media they can identify where their consumers spend their time or what they are saying more clearly. These insights will help to deliver a better, seamless and pleasant consumer experience which will reflect in the form of ROI.

Well, in the end, we can say that due to social media outreach and analysis of big data it has become easier to understand the customer better. AI and its allied technologies have the potential to bring marketers and customers closer in the near future. Evolved AI can improve optimized decision making, sales-cycle, it will also help in developing predictive business processes. Now it is all in the hand of marketers how they maneuver this outstanding tool to amplify sales.




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