Many marketers dream of having their great content go viral across social networks. They want thousands – if not millions – of people to find the content that they spent a lot of time creating.

Whether you’re a Business to Business or Business to Consumer content marketer, you know that great content isn’t enough to grow your business. You have to go way beyond “great.” You have to make your readers’ lives better in some way.

In short, you need to “create epic content.”

Looking at the essence of viral content, you have to keep in mind that the content itself must be worthy of being shared. It has to solve a particular problem, improve your reader’s life or get them hooked to the screen. If it doesn’t do any of these, no one will share it with their social network.

The three main principles: Ethos, Pathos, and Logos. The great content should always be impactful.  Specifically, it should:

  • Possess ethical appeal (ethos).
  • Appeal to the emotions (pathos).
  • Contain justifiable and logical appeal (logos).

Evoke emotion: Content that evokes an emotional reaction is more likely to go viral. Such emotions include feeling awe, wonder, anxious, sad and humor. And the use of words such as Confessions, Secret, Reveal, Incredible can make the content appealing. The content should also bring worth and wonder to social media platforms.

Content should deliver an Incredible Positive message: While great content may be shared for many reasons, the pieces of content that stimulate positive feelings tend to perform better than those that stimulate negative feelings.

Practically useful content:  The factors which were most often found in a viral content is that its usefulness in a practical way. That content have a high chance of going viral. This means that adapting your digital marketing campaign in a way that puts valuable content first.

An element of surprise for visual content and images is that it gets shared the most. Viral images trigger surprise so this indicates that one of the key things that make images go viral is an element of surprise.

Collecting data to launch a viral idea: Getting your content to go viral requires planning. This is the same thing as developing a content plan that you trustfully rely on. You need a documented strategy.

Stunning content makes it more heart touching and it also makes an easy registration in the minds of the targeted audience. Viral content is retained in the minds of the audience, it is why it needs to have that impact.

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