Content Marketing – An Effective way to Stand Apart

Marketing campaigns and goals of businesses should go hand in hand. Nothing stops the business organization from reaching its targets if its marketing campaign is customer-friendly. Content marketing is nothing but generating leads with the help of content.

Follow these steps before adopting any of the content marketing strategies:

  1. a) Identify the target audience– Whether it is a product or a service, there are a certain set of takers for the product/service. Not every product has a wide range of audience. The marketing has to be thus tailored to each set of the target audience. Otherwise, the whole effort of businesses may run in vain. But how to identify takers? This is the underlying question of many B2B businesses and B2C businesses. There are many tools that give insights to the audience. Sometimes it is the mere common sense that helps businesses identify the target audience.
  2. b) Set Goals– Don’t hit multiple targets at a time. It instills confusion in the strategy. For start-ups, promoting their brand value and their product/service peculiarity should be the top priority. For a well-established brand, customer retention should be the top priority. If possible, categorize goals based on the target audience.
  3. c) Look for a proper channel– Content marketing can be done using both Offline and Online channels. Print Media and Outbound marketing come under offline marketing. Print media helps in creating brand awareness in promotions. But it is very costly. Outbound marketing is not a reliable way. So, digital marketing is comparatively reliable. Social media channels, YouTube, Search engines, and Blogging sites are ready-made channels where businesses have to dive in and swim.

Assess the capabilities of the marketing team and check whether resources are required. This sets the ground for the start of content generation and marketing. Based on the target audience and channels, generate content which is in sync with the defined goals. Channels like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Pinterest are exploited by B2B businesses and B2C businesses. But, only a few tops the list of successful marketers. What the others lack is an ‘Effective Content’ along with the marketing of it. Social media channels require short and clear content. Blogs require a mixture of descriptive content and pictorial content. Facebook and Twitter have user-engagement only when there are relevant posts.

If businesses want to build a brand value, then they should leave no stones unturned while publishing their posts. Millennials love Infographic and Video-based content. Children and Toddlers love Cartoon-themed content. Parents love to read blogs. So, tailor content based on channel and target audience.

If businesses are willing to generate sales through web channels and social media channels with effective content marketing, then they got to generate Call to Action content which should be relevant to the target audience.


How to Generate Sales with User Generated Content?

Trust is the building block of any relationship. It takes more time to build it and only seconds to destroy it. So, nurturing trust should be a priority in any human activity. Businesses are no special in this regard. Generally, businesses rely on customers’ trust. B2B businesses and B2C businesses should constantly work to improve trust and reputation. It is one of those factors that help in enhancing the trust of businesses.

What is User Generated Content?

It is nothing but content generated by users. It is as simple as that. Reviews, tweets, media shares, and ratings come from user-generated content.

How does it add value to the marketing funnel?

The digital audience believes in feed backs of peers. Be it a moviegoer or an online shopper, reviews influence them a lot. User-generated content reduces marketing efforts of business entity. It also touches the trust factor.

How can it be used in the digital marketing?

First of all, there should be sufficient user-generated content to start with. Businesses should compel their customers to give rating/review for their experience. Social media channels are best platforms to get such content. Businesses should improve their followers on the social media channels and ask their customers and potential customers to follow them. It improves the customer base as well as followers.

With a good network, more user content is generated. Multimedia content accounts for the maximum percentage of it. Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest are more than social media channels, they have become marketplaces. Many e-commerce companies are promoting their products through these channels and persuading them to share reviews. Sharing reviews on Twitter and Facebook will definitely generate leads and lead to conversions. To put in simple words, let customers be brand ambassadors.