video monetization

Top 10 Techniques For Income Generation Through Video Monetization

It is predicted that future of content is video. If this is the stat, successful video monetization for better audience reach is a mandatory exercise. Many marketers have failed miserably in improving their video monetization on YouTube or other platforms.

 You can monetize your video through:

1. Selling Ads

video creators sell ads before, during or around the video experience.

2. Pay-Per-View

Ask your users to pay for your video. This can be done only when your content is organically useful for the audience.

3. Sponsorships

Sponsor advertising brands; mention them in a special and unique way.

4. Merchandise

Sell or Buy your business related things.

5. Freemium or other hybrid methods

Give the video for free but do keep in-depth and personalised content reserved for paying members.

6. Licensing

Hold a copyright. You will be paid for the rights to use the license.

To monetize video at scale, the following are the video monetization platforms for you to choose from:

7. Brightcove

This platform is designed with Marketing Strategy. Publishing with its video marketing suite works great for lead generation.

8. Wochit

By using its library, it allows publishers to be video creators. It’s a pretty cool platform. Here you can combine various video snippets into storyboard with your own voice-over.

9. Liverail

It is acquired by Facebook in 2014. It gives ‘people – based targeting’ experience.

10. Kaltura

They offer “out of the box video portal”. It has some advanced integration options with other CMS platforms like WordPress.

For a successful video marketing, video monetization is a must. By following the above tips and using the platforms narrated you can make your video monetized. These tips and platforms would give you good revenue through video marketing.

sentiment analytics

Four Ways Sentiment Analytics Advances Businesses

Businesses try to know what customers are talking about their brand and to get these feedbacks, they look into customer reviews. Viewing customers’ emotions and perceptions as valuable commodities are important to any brand, and these sentiments can be analysed to some extent using automated software tools.
Sentiment analysis can be applied to social media platforms and blogs to study audience behaviour and judge whether the opinion of a certain customer on the company’s products is a liability or an asset to that company.

  • Proactive Business Strategies
    Brands can drive effective business decisions by incorporating sentiment analysis into their business, gathering customers’ opinions on their brand from various social channels and blogs.
    Apart from attaining customer feedbacks on company blogs, forums and social media channels, brands can even gauge their competitors’ performance in their niche. To this end, sentiment analysis provides event analysis, adaptable categories, and automatic reports.
  • Meticulously Measure Audience Behaviour
    Sentiment analysis makes it easier for brands to measure their audience’s reaction to their business moves. Brands can take these feedbacks as inputs to curate their next business plan effectively.
    For instance, back in 2015, Nestle’s Maggi was accused of violating permissible lead levels after it was found to be using an excess of the metal in making one of its products. However, Nestle mitigated the issue by bringing the lead levels down to below the threshold, making its way back into the market. Marketers can from this case draw a lesson on valuing audience safety and making the necessary changes in their products.
  • ROI Of Marketing Campaign
    By performing sentiment analysis on a marketing campaign, marketers can measure their campaign mentions (positive or negative) online. Moreover, brands can scale accurate ROI rate of a marketing campaign by taking qualitative and quantitative measurements into consideration.
  • Strengthens Customer Service
    Experts suggest that sentiment analysis (by monitoring customer interests) is an effective way to support customer service. Especially for B2B businesses, it is very important to tune into customers’ feelings towards their brand. By knowing negative dissatisfaction before negative sentiments, brands can improvise their service and convert a bad customer experience into a good one.

Brands, by using sentiment analysis with caution, can use it as an influential tool to get into the minds of customers and leverage their brand befitting to their audience sentiments.

micro influencer campaign

Incorporate Micro-Influencer Campaigns for a Better Boost in Sales

Influencer campaigns are not a new thing with social media marketing. It is a growing business and can be a lot beneficial if done correctly. While the concept of normal influencer campaigns restricts to just the high end and popular influencers, the micro-influencers are gaining a lot of popularity as well. Many of the experts of the marketing term this as the “newest marketing frontier”. While this is growing at an alarming rate, let us take a look at how to seek good micro-influencers and how to work with them.

How to seek good micro-influencers?

Finding micro-influencers is easier than thought. With the growing popularity and exposure of the social media, it has become a lot easier to find people who divulge in the content of certain niches. It is these people who can be a lot helpful in spreading out the word about the products.

● If you are a brand, the very first thing you need to do is look for people who are vivid followers of your brand. This helps in understanding their loyalty to the brand and makes the decision making a lot easier.
● Apart from the same, even a hashtag research comes a lot in handy at times. It is best to keep up with the trends and search for the hashtags concerning your niche and choose people from the same.
● Several bloggers and popular YouTubers are a great addition to the micro-influencer campaign. They have dedicated viewers and readers who are a great addition to the list.

How to start working with them?

Now that you have shortlisted people for the micro-influencer campaign, the next thing is to chalk out a working plan for the campaign.

● The very first thing that you need to do is contact the influencer and seek their response and affirmation of the project. If they seem interested, it is best to send them PR packages for reviews and tests.
● The next thing in line is deciding the prices, if the campaign is going to be sponsored. It is best to be clear about the prices for the sponsorships along with the products that they have to talk about or review.
● Since the campaign is sort of a business arrangement, it is best to seal the deal with a contract. They are very necessary and come in handy for any possible future conflicts or issues.
All in all, micro-influencer campaign is the new way of marketing and it is all for the best interest of the potential audience. It is best to experiment, try and opt for newer ways to garner a new audience base.

affiliate marketing

Some Hidden Facts about Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is not a brand new concept and is gradually becoming a lot popular among several of the important brands. For people who aren’t aware of the concept, affiliate marketing basically is the type of marketing in which people refer the brand products to other people and in turn, are paid a part of the sale when a person buys using their “affiliate” links. It is very popular among several of the YouTubers, especially the beauty influencers. The amount of the commission is mainly dependent on the brand and the kind of outreach and sale amount involved. It’s not fixed and varies from the brand and the prices related to the same.

There are several myths that encircle around affiliate marketing. Some of them are quite true, some are not. It is best to understand for a fact that there are definitely some necessary things that are not always known.

  • How does one start being an affiliate?
    This is one of the primary questions that people ask. Affiliate marketing is a huge business. This is often sometimes a number of people’s primary source of income. The very first thing that needs to be done is own a website, blog or even a YouTube channel that is popular and known by people. It primarily works when there is a good amount of organic traffic to work with. If you want to earn money, you have got to have that kind of influence on people to persuade them to use the links to buy the related products.
  • How long does it take to be a successful affiliate?
    That is definitely a question without a definite answer. It solely depends on the person and their skills to influence people to buy using the said links. It also takes a lot of dedication to the work and encourage and convince people how the product that you are referring is definitely worth a try. Affiliate marketing is all about the skill to convince and influence. A successful hand at that and the cash starts flowing in.
  • Can it be done by anyone?
    Any person with a bit knowledge of technology can do affiliate marketing. Proper knowledge about content marketing and usage of the online platforms can help you gain the title of a popular affiliate marketer. It is best to look out for the brands and convince them to support your endeavour.

This niche of marketing is gaining a lot of momentum. It is best to learn the basics and implement them in the best way possible to get the very best returns.