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Inline with the saying that “Content Is King,” all B2B Companies these days have dedicated “blog” segments in their websites for conveying their ideas and informing businesses and laymen about their niche and industry. With support from sophisticated yet easy-to-use technologies for syndication, comments and feedbacks, blogs present brief and readable web content.

According to a recent survey by Content Marketing Institute (CMI), blogging is the third most common content activity followed by long-form articles and social media posts (other than blogs). In terms of blogging by company size, 68% of companies with 10–99 employees maintain blogs as opposed to larger companies.

To condense the survey, B2B companies who blog more are able to increase brand awareness, credibility, search engine rankings, and the number of leads in line with their marketing goals.

Why B2B Companies Need To Blog

Here is a list of 7 reasons why blogging appeals to businesses and clients alike, and why it is important for B2B marketing:

1. Cost Efficient

Blogs are relatively inexpensive and often concise and can be updated quickly. These qualities make it ideal for small and medium B2B companies that want high quality at lower costs.

2. Sole Owners

B2B companies are the sole owner of their blogs, as opposed to companies that create blogs on social media.

3. Attract Readers

When written in a conversational tone, blogs can add a human element to your company’s B2B marketing activities, and make it more personalised and attractive to the reader.

4. Improves Search Engine Rankings

Blogs help improve the company’s search engine rankings when made keyword rich.

5. Adds Rich Media

Blogs can include an array of media formats as content, and simplify the process of uploading and managing text, images, videos, audio, presentations, and e-books.

6. Easy Content Distribution

Blogs facilitate content distribution through multiple channels such as social media, RSS feeds and email newsletters.

7. Great Engaging Content

Blogs go well with content marketing as they can be used to write engaging social media campaigns.

Apart from these reasons, B2B businesses need to start investing in time and talent for blogging because blogs provide metrics for tracking marketing back to business goals. It can help companies provide product-related content, and answering customer questions, which in turn attracts new prospects.

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