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Both the Digital and Social Media Metrics help out a lot in monitoring the development of a business. It is necessary to keep simultaneous track of both these metrics to understand the required changes. These often help a lot in keeping account of the ROI and also of the changes and development encircling the same.

1. Social Metrics

While many brands and companies may convert the number of likes, retweets or shares as the accountable metric, they are just not enough to give an impactful insight. It needs more. One of these social media metrics include:

  • Tracking with Bounce Rate

It is much easier to keep track of the number of people who click on the content that you post on any of the social media platforms. These click-through rates are an important tool to keep track of the social metrics but it is not enough. It is important to keep track of the click-through rates in addition to bounce rates.

Bounce Rates are a great tool to keep track of the visitors who leave your website just after visiting that one single page they found the link to the social media account. This helps in keeping track of the people who have been redirected from the social media and then compare the same with the normal website visitors. The tally between the two gives a clear result if the Social Media Campaigning is being effective.

2. Digital Metrics

The digital marketing staples are not all that different from the social media ones. They also need a target audience driven engagement along with proper marketing skills to increase the ROI. Much like with the Social Media Metrics, the Digital Media Metric also helps in keeping track of the effectiveness of the campaign and look into the results of it.

One of these includes:

  • Overall and Channel-Specific Traffic

With the Digital Metric for measuring the overall traffic, you get a complete insight into the total number of people who have visited your website over the course of time. It is mainly sourced from Google Analytics and can also be broken down to understand the exact location of the traffic.

The channel specific traffic is the metric which mainly focuses on the page that led them to your website which can either be the direct link, referral link or sometimes the organic or social link.

Both the Digital and Social Media Metrics are going to vary from business to business. It is always best to focus on yours and try to enhance the same for better traffic, visibility and also exposure to the brand.

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