seo trends

The Prominent SEO Trends Of 2018

With the rise in Global Smartphone users and having an outreach of two billion, this shows the popularity and relevance of mobile in the day to day activities of a human. The rise in mobile device users sends a powerful message to companies and small businesses all around the world that it is time to Read More

sentiment analytics

Four Ways Sentiment Analytics Advances Businesses

Businesses try to know what customers are talking about their brand and to get these feedbacks, they look into customer reviews. Viewing customers’ emotions and perceptions as valuable commodities are important to any brand, and these sentiments can be analysed to some extent using automated software tools. Sentiment analysis can be applied to social media Read More


The Beginner’s Guide To Branding

The textbook definition of branding is a name, a symbol, or a design that is associated with a company or enterprise, and differentiates it from other companies or enterprises. However, brands are quickly evolving to adapt to the increasingly competitive environment, redefining the conventional meaning. Branding is now defined in terms of who you are, Read More

content marketing

Why Content Marketing Works In All Cases?

Whatever the way a business organization chooses to market its products/services, every marketing activity finally boils down to sales. When there are different types of marketing, it is normal for a business organization to have a question the best type to go with. But in the digital world, it is difficult for businesses to sustain Read More

viral content

Viral Content, News Jacking, and News Void

News-Jacking is really simple – you grab a major story or trend, use it to reach influencers, build connections, generate social media traction, and drive site traffic; and then you reap the profits. Or, that is what we were told. More than what the paragraph above reveals, you must go through several steps before you Read More